From Fall soil sampling to harvest. periodic scouting reports and recommendations will keep you informed of crop progress and health every 7 to 10 days.  Montana Farm Science will give you the most detailed and comprehensive report out there, while keeping a Trained eye over your crop!

Crop Consulting and Field Scouting

The two largest inputs to your crop is the seed (variety selection) and applying fertilizer (proper amount). The inputs are costly, so why don’t we test the variety and fertilizer on-site for the best results? Starting 2017 we will be supplying on-site variety trials to answer the question! 

One-time Site Visits
Soil Sampling

Fall or spring soil sampling and fertilizer recommendations might be all you want, maybe you have a large garden or going to plant grass at your new house for the first time, soil sampling is the first step to get you going in the right direction.

Products & Service

Below is a list that gives descriptions for the services/products provided by Montana Farm Science. The list is general, if you have any questions about services please feel free to contact Matt Moffet direct by either phone (406-850-2896) or email (

Mother nature and accidents happen, so crop loss can occur. Make sure you use someone who can do a proper analytical analysis when needing to verify your loss of potential income. Debates over the division of land can sometimes be quickly handled if you truly have an assesment of the asset(s), a Field Production Analysis can help answer that question. 

Crop Loss and Production Assesment
One-time Site Visits

Anytime you have a disease issue,harvest question or just need soil sampling. Site visits billed by mileage and hours can be arranged to help answer any question you have. A service for anyone!

On-site Variety Trials

Identify the problem: Determine the Economic Threshold

Proper Field Scouting can be Critical! 

Use a Trained Eye.

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