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Year of the Pulse



Since 2016 is the year of the pulse (dried: pea, lentil, bean, and chickpea), there has been promotion and eduction for pulses as a food. With the increased awareness has come an increase in demand! Check out this 'Pulse' website.

Harvest Time: Pulse Prices stay steady


Prices for yellow peas and lentils have stayed close to last year prices, while the expected good/great corn harvest means that corn prices will most likely continue to drop. Yellow peas are roughly $9-11/cwt and Richlea lentils are $24-28/cwt in the plains region. Check out the latest Pulse Pipeline!

Interesting Legume Website


With lentil prices staying strong for another year, we need to keep thinking about lentils! Below is a link to an informative website on legumes! 

Newest Pulse Pipeline


Finally with harvest in full-swing the pulse commodities numbers are in for the week. Looks like yellow peas slipped a little and lentils are staying strong. Take a look! There are some good recipes too.

MT Dept. of Agriculture Pulse Page


There is some good information about the previous years on pulse crops.

Take a look! 

This weeks Pulse Pipeline!


The market on yellow peas and Richlea lentils are staying strong with prices only slightly under last years.

Newest Pulse Pipeline


Harvest time continues.....

Take a look! 

This weeks Pulse Pipeline!


The market of pulses has been effective and continues to help grow the market. Prices in the Northern plains still steady!

This weeks Pulse Pipeline!


This week there is some great info on the lentil harvest in the northern plains and the new NPGA website!

This weeks Pulse Pipeline!


This week there is information on new markets for pulses and dietary studies!

Looks like Big Yields for Soybeans could lower Prices.


From Agweb.

The Pulse Pipeline!


This week there was a little delay! USADPLC Washington D.C. representative Dale Thorenson with a congressional update.


First fall frost in the Yellowstone valley. Here is a 30 min time-lapse I took this morning looking west into the valley from the rims.

The Pulse Pipeline!


This week there is information on Cynthia Sass's book on dieting with pulses. She outlines pulses as are great gluten free source of lean protein!

The Pulse Pipeline!


This week there is information on FSA payments related to peas and lentils, with comparison to payout totals on other crops. Very interesting information, considering that Senator Jon Tester will be talking about the next Farm Bill 10-17-16 @ the Billings Library (12pm). Here is the link to the ARC/PLC page with more information

National Farmers Day!


Montana Farm Science just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You! to American Farmers.

World Food Day!


Support pulses today! With so many benefits from nutrition to economics of crop production, it is hard not to support pulses!

Image from the latest Pulse Pipeline.

The Pulse Pipeline!


This week there is information on the Global Food Forum.

The Bean Institute!


AS wheat prices remain horribly low and beef prices continue to be very low, it is important to think about alternatives. Diversifying your farm to more legume crops can increase profits when prices are low and lacking moisture for conventional cereals. Here is a highly informative website on beans! Mostly on nutrition and health, and not the agronomic side, but still interesting.

Article on pulse crop root rots-MSU Extension AgAlert. 


The Pulse Pipeline!


Some very good recipes for pulses and info on the IFEC convention and promoting pulses.

The Pulse Pipeline!


This is the export reports for pulses for the year. Lentils are looking very strong!

The Pulse Pipeline!


Richlea lentils in the northern plains have hit $32-$36.00 per cwt (hundred weight), that is $0.32 per pound!

Montana Farm Science offers Remote Sensing to show what areas in a field are under stress. This form of high tech scouting will help adjust your irrigation plan or fertilizer application or timing, and can even effect the timing of pesticides or see what will be ready to harvest first! With an educated and trained eye, decisions can be made quickly and accurately. Farming has advanced greatly in the last 40+ years, so why keep farming like its the 1970's.

The Pulse Pipeline!


The Thanksgiving issue.

The Pulse Pipeline!


The yearly exports edition. Lentil prices are up again this year!

The Pulse Pipeline!


The WPGA meeting details from Pullman, Washington. Lentil prices are staying steady!

The Pulse Pipeline


Happy New Year and hope the new grow year will treat your kindly! The restaurant chain 'Chili's' and their test kitchen with pulses and the NPGA research proposals deadline approaching.

Visual Information on Montana's Drought Condition

July 26, 2016

US Spatial map of drought conditions made by NOAA/NDMC. Shows that it is a normal year for most of Montana. Drought conditions can be very localized, so Montana Farm Science will probe your fields before fall planting to let you know the depth of moisture.

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