Year of the Pulse



Since 2016 is the year of the pulse (dried: pea, lentil, bean, and chickpea), there has been promotion and eduction for pulses as a food. With the increased awareness has come an increase in demand! Check out this 'Pulse' website.

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Fall planning and soil sampling is important. Be prepared with the most detailed Scouting Reports available and advice based on Science!

Products and services

Below is a list that gives descriptions for the services/products provided by Montana Farm Science. The list is general, if you have any questions about services please feel free to contact Matt Moffet direct by either phone (406-850-2896) or email (


Hello, my name is Matt Moffet, a lifelong Montanan. I have been involved in agriculture since I was a young boy. As an adult I spent many years working for Montana State University in Bozeman where I did field and lab research on many areas of Plant Science. It is also where I got my bachelor's degree and my master's degree.

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